Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thoughts Lately

It's been almost a month since my last post.  As I've mentioned several times before, I miss the blog world.  I've been trying to keep up with all of my favorite blogs, but I am about 1,867 posts behind.  I'm thinking of just clicking "Mark All As Read" in Bloglovin' and starting fresh.  There is no way I'll catch up.

The main reason I wanted to write today is because of the recent events in Paris.  I feel like I can't even process it all.  Can you really process it, though?  How do you process something that doesn't make any sense?  It hurts my stomach, my head, my heart.

And whether you're religious or not, I think we all have to hope that those poor people who lost their lives are somewhere better now.  They did not deserve this.  Our world did not deserve this.  How can there be so many good people in this world and so many bad people, too?  I don't understand.

That's all for today.  My heart is heavy.