Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thankful Thursday - For My Husband

Although I may have alluded to how thankful I am for my husband in previous blog posts, I haven't dedicated a post just to him.  But I should have.  So I am now.  (Better late than never, right?)

There are so many reasons I'm thankful to have him as my partner.  We are polar opposites, but - as Paula Abdul said once - opposites attract.

I mean, he completes me.

He's my lobster.

He's my biggest cheerleader, supporter, therapist, but -- most importantly -- best friend.  As much as he drives me insane when he does things like leaving his stinky socks around the house, I love him more than anything in the world.  I'd do anything for him and I know he'd do anything for me.

Case in point -- he never goes anywhere NEAR school over summer vacation, and he's come in every day with me over the past week and a half to help me get my library set up.  There is NO WAY I could have made as much progress as I did without his help.  And he's offered to come in again this week to do more.  And he hasn't complained about it one bit.

I know that may not seem like much to some of you, but it's a big deal to me.  See, there are certain things that each of us just won't do.  Like, I won't put the portable baby monitor (that we still use when our son sleeps) on his nightstand.  It HAS to be on mine.  He refuses to get my clump of hair out of our shower drain if I forget.  There are a lot of those unwritten type things that we just know about each other.

And my husband + school over summer vacation = NO WAY, NO HOW.  So, trust me -- it's true love, my friends.

I really am so happy that he and I are spending our lives with one another.  I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else.


  1. That is so nice of him! You truly did find your lobster. :)

  2. How blessed you are, BB, to have Mr. BB to do life with! Sounds like a real great guy. And he is helping you clean up your work space(s) - without complaint - that's great!

    Thanks for your "tribute" to your man... I am taking a step back and take a more detailed look at my hubby to appreciate him more - he works hard so I can work part time because of health issues. I am so blessed...

    1. Ah, yes -- sometimes we need to look at our hubbies from "afar" to appreciate them. But really, we have to count our blessings, right?

  3. he's a keeper!! glad you found a good one

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