Tuesday, December 1, 2015

And Sickness Abounds

We're all dealing with some pre-winter sickness in our household.  Since we're all in schools in some capacity (my son in kindergarten and my husband and I both teaching), we are vulnerable to all those icky, yucky germs that get oh-so kindly passed along.  All three of us have missed so much school lately.  I always thought you were supposed to take sick days when you WEREN'T sick so you could actually enjoy them!

My son has the worst of it, though - pneumonia.  We're hoping he makes a fast recovery.  He's been under the weather for the past two and a half weeks.  We've had him at the doctor three times in the past 12 days.  Finally, today, he was given the diagnosis of pneumonia.  I'm not happy about it, but I'm happy that the doctor prescribed medicine.  We were originally told he just had a minor upper respiratory infection that he could fight off on his own without meds.  Well, he kept getting worse.  On our second visit, we were told the same thing.  My husband and I were convinced there was more to it.  So back he went today and we got the pneumonia diagnosis.  Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!

In other news, we haven't really done much of any Christmas shopping (I tend to avoid stores at this time of year -- I much prefer the online route), nor have we put up a Christmas tree.  We'll hopefully get one soon, and I think my decorations this year will be minimal.  Every year I seem to lose steam in this area.  I feel like I'd decorate more if we were having a big holiday party or something, but we don't have the time or energy to host anything right now.  Sometimes I feel like we should do more, but we are so busy as it is.

Hope to post again soon when we're all feeling better.  Thanks if you're still reading!  Happy December!


  1. oh no!!! it's such a crap time of the year for sickness.
    Both of mine have had a cold since the beginning of September!

    1. It stinks... I know! It seems like we're sick more than we're healthy lately! UGH!!

  2. Hi BB - so so sorry to read that you are ill. It's that time of the year and exposure in schools is tough. Keeping you all in prayers for a fast recovery, especially your son.