Monday, July 6, 2015

Blogger Q & A

Hi, there!  Happy Monday!

We had a crazy busy weekend, and I've been trying to get my post for tomorrow ready to go because it's both long and picture-heavy.  I'm participating in a link-up about beauty routines tomorrow; therefore, I decided to default to something a bit simpler for today's post.

For those of you with blogs, feel free to borrow these questions to answer on your own blogs!  I always love learning more about the bloggers whose blogs I read regularly.

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Okay - here we go!

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Worst habit?
I am an absolutely AWFUL decision-maker.  I will sit and go through all options and then think and think and think... then I ask others for their opinions, and then I think some more.  It's awful.

Biggest pet peeves?

  • Waiters who don't write down an order because, inevitably, something comes out wrong.  And it's usually my order.
  • When my husband doesn't put a new garbage bag in the can after taking the garbage out.
  • People who don't leave enough of a tip at a restaurant.  I'm a 20%-er.
  • Food-eating contests.  Disgusting.
  • People without basic manners.
  • Rude people.
  • Ignorant people.
  • Nasty people.
  • Harmful people.
  • Hateful people.

Favorite color?
Purple... ever since I can remember!

Top 3 favorite things to do?
1)  Spend time with my husband, son, and dog.
2)  Travel.
3)  Shop.

Online shopping or in-store shopping?
Um... both.  Duh.

Favorite movie?
The Sound of Music.
(My favorite scene is the one with the "The Lonely Goatherd" song.  Lay-dee-oh---lay-dee-oh---

What fashion faux pas have you committed?
Oh, God - well, I was born in 1982, so you can only imagine the outfits I wore throughout the 80s and 90s: stonewashed jeans, tie-dyed tees, high-top sneakers, anything and everything neon, big hair (I had two spiral perms during my elementary and middle school years), headbands galore, snap bracelets, jellies, She-Ra outfits, Osh Gosh B'gosh overalls... it was pretty bad.

Who or what influences your style now?
To be honest, I get a lot of inspiration from other bloggers!  I'm also a big magazine reader (People, US Weekly, InStyle, etc.).  There are certain celebrities whose styles I admire and am inspired by as well.  I always think Kate Middleton looks sophisticated and pulled together (as well she should considering her position!).  I also love me some Victoria Beckham - super stylish and edgy.  The ladies from Little Big Town always look rockin', too.  I try to get inspiration from those around me the most, though.  I mean, I am a hard core people-watcher.  I stare at fashionable women to take a mental picture for later inspiration.  I swear - I'm not a creeper.  I'm an admirer!

If you could change your name, what would you change it to and why?
Oh, man - that's such a hard question.  My husband and I decided not to find out the gender of our now son when I was pregnant, but I honestly thought I was having a girl.  My husband and I had so much trouble deciding on girls' names.  We had a list of about 15, and I can still remembering my husband driving me to the hospital when I was in labor, telling me I better decide on one from our list.  To this day, I still don't know which one I would have picked, so deciding on a different name for me is just as hard.  My answer would change depending on the day (hence my bad decision-making skills!).

My son insists that if we have another baby, we must use the name "Emma Toe" if it's a girl.  He watched Emma Stone once on Sesame Street but couldn't say "Stone," so she became known as Emma Toe to all of us.  He liked her so much he told me we must name a baby girl after her if we have one.

And his boy's name is even better.  If we have a boy, he wants us to name him Jesus Christ.  He had been learning about Baby Jesus around Christmastime at preschool, and apparently he fell in love with the name.  Go figure.

I mean, just think if I had twins!
"Hello, these are my babies and their names are Emma Toe and Jesus Christ."


Current songs on repeat?
Well, I feel like the songs on the radio have been on repeat, and I can't listen to any more Taylor Swift or Maroon 5 or Bruno Mars.  I've actually been listening to a lot of Zac Brown Band lately on Spotify when I'm cleaning.  It's relaxing and makes me feel like I'm at the beach.

Something you've always wanted to do?
Be on TV.  Or be the voice of a character in a Disney movie.

Speaking of Disney, favorite Disney character?
I love the villains -- Maleficent, the Snow Queen, Cruella de Ville, the Queen of Hearts, Gaston...

Something you'll never do?
Skydive.  No friggin' way.

If you had to choose between traveling 5 years into the past or 5 years into the future, which would you choose and why?
The past - no hesitation there.  That would take me back to the year I had my son.  The past 5 years have gone so fast, even with all of those sleepless nights.  I'd love to have the chance to relive these special times.

What cause/issue in this world are you passionate about?
Oh, goodness... there are so many.  I am a huge animal lover and advocate, and I believe it's important that we preserve the sanctity of so many that are becoming extinct.  I know this may sound a bit corny, but I honestly feel that we must help animals because so many cannot help themselves.

We are huge supporters of St. Jude's Children Hospital, too.  I can't even imagine what those families must go through.  My heart aches for them.

Since my husband and I are both teachers, we are obviously passionate about helping all kids.  We've learned so much over our combined 25 years of teaching, and I'm sure we'll keep learning as we continue on this crazy journey.

And, of course, we are passionate about helping others, no matter what needs they have.  We try our best to give back when we can.  Pay it forward, you know?

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Hope you'll stop by tomorrow for the beauty routines link-up.  Oh, and I updated my "About Me" page over the weekend to include some more details about who I am and why I blog! :-)

Have a great Monday!  This gave me a good chuckle:



  1. How fun! purple is my favorite color too!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Darcy! Purple lovers unite! ;-)

  2. So many good things here. But I love your comment about tipping at a restaurant!! I was a waitress all through high school and part of college and that is the WORST!!!!

    1. Aw, thanks. Yeah - I just think 20% is kind of the new standard... especially since waiters/waitresses don't usually make much of an hourly rate, you know?
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. What a fun post!! Love Zac Brown Band! And I like that you said you'd go back to the past. I don't know what I'd do. That's a tough one!! Have a great week. Looking forward to your beauty post tomorrow.

  4. I love this! So fun! I am also a T-Swift and Maroon 5 lover!!

    1. I'll be honest... I basically just love Adam Levine!! :-)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Purple has been my favorite color since I can remember too! I never actually buy anything purple really (like, clothes/home decor) but I love it! And plum is one of our wedding colors, so I'm happy to incorporate it there. :) I about died when you said your son wants you to name a boy Jesus Christ! Hahahaha!

    I totally forgot about that beauty routine link-up until yesterday and I just frantically cleaned up my makeup organizer and took some (not great) pictures just to get it over with. Ha!

    1. It'll be fun to incorporate purple into your wedding! I hope you'll be posting pics on your blog!! :-)
      Thanks for stopping by, Mattie!

  6. Hi BB! Hope you had a great holiday weekend.

    Loved all this info about you... I was also born in (ahem) 1982 - and I remember all those fashion fads that you do. I fried my hair sooo bad with the perms - split ends 6" up the hair shaft. Love purple, but green is my #1 fave color. Hubby also doesn't put new trash liner in - and I leave several new ones at the bottom of the basket (BIG hint). Vacillating is my past time; so is second guessing myself. Your son's proposed name for future siblings - oh my! I like both online and in-store shopping, too.

    Have a great day!

  7. Oh wait... I graduated from high school in 1982! I was born in the 60s... egads - it's Monday...!

    1. Hey, Laurie!
      Ah, yes - the 80s. How could we think those fads actually looked good?! Remember crimping? I used to do that to my hair all the time, too. Yuck!
      Thanks for sharing some info about you, too! I love learning about others!
      PS - Men must be wired the same...

  8. Oh! Great post! love this kind of posts!

  9. Hey There! I saw you were asking about my bun on Casey's blog. I use one of those bun makers. I put my hair in a pony tail slide the bun maker over the pony and place it at the base of the pony. Then I wrap my hair around it and bobby pin it. It's easy and a snap!

    1. Thanks, Carrie! I appreciate you getting back to me!