Friday, April 24, 2015

Fallon Friday - 4/24/15

This week for Fallon Friday I have one of my favorite musical clips from his show for your viewing enjoyment -- Jimmy and Kelly Clarkson singing a medley of duets from over the decades. 
Can we talk about how awesome Kelly Clarkson is for a minute?  She was the first "American Idol" and she remains my favorite.  Her voice is out of this world and I love how she could care less about the media's criticism of her appearance.  I personally think she's a beautiful person inside and out.  I just think she'd be so much fun to hang out with - especially at a karaoke bar!
I hope you enjoy today's clip as much as I did.  I found myself bopping along to the songs right along with them.  (I embrace my dorkiness, people.)  Oh, and stay tuned because I'm working on a fun fashion post for tomorrow!

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