Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Stuff I Wouldn't Be Mad to Get for Mother's Day

Since Mother's Day is just around the corner, it's only fitting that I peruse the Internet for some gift picks... you know, for all of you moms out there... or for me.  Whatever. 
Check out some of my gift picks below!
This necklace is a tad pricey, so I'd definitely wait for a good promo code or sale, but it's beautiful.  It would go with so many tops!  I love anything with the abalone shell look.
This necklace makes a statement for sure.  I love it!  I actually think it would go great over a printed tee or sleeveless tank for spring and summer.

The picture above is absolutely awful compared to how this necklace actually looks.  I saw it in-store and it looks waaaaaaay better in person!  Trust me.  It'd be great to accessorize a plain tee and jeans.

I love these monogram necklaces, and they're reasonably priced.  Plus, they'd go with so many other pieces of jewelry that you might already be wearing.
This is something I'd never purchase for myself but would love to receive as a gift.  QVC offers it in three different scents - fresh cream, lemon custard, and sweet vanilla fig - but the lemon custard would be my pick.  I love anything lemon! 

This top is so cute AND affordable.  It comes in a few colors, but I like the black/white one best.  It goes great with jeans, capris, or shorts.  Love it.

I love this tank, mostly because it's purple and printed, but also because it'd be great to wear with the capris below for a super cute look.  I would say I'd wear it to work out, but I haven't been working out as much as I had been.  Sometimes I just wear workout clothes because they're comfy and I think they'll motivate me to work out.  That hasn't happened yet, but I have a good feeling about it.  I do.


Seriously, though, wouldn't these be so cute with that last top?  I know the patterns don't exactly match, but that's what I like about it.

Hope I've given you (or at least my husband) some Mother's Day gift ideas!  In all reality, though, being a mom is the best gift.  I know that may sound corny, but it's true.  I can't imagine life without my son.  He makes my world and I love him to pieces.


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