Monday, May 4, 2015

Meal Monday - 5/4/15

Okay, before we get to today's topic, I just have to welcome in May with a little help from an old friend of mine:

Whew!  Now that I got that out of my system, let's get to "Meal Monday."  (And shout out to my friend Amanda for the JT graphic!)

I love a good blog when I find one, and I especially love food blogs - probably because I love to eat (ALL...THE...TIME.).  They give me great recipe ideas and oftentimes provide step-by-step instructions that include pictures (you know, dummy-proof for me!).  Today I thought I'd share with you my top three favorite foodie blogs in case you need recipe inspiration or just like to cook. 

1)  The Pioneer Woman - Her recipes are awesome, her pictures are great, and her sense of humor gets me every time.  I've found some of my best recipes from Ree Drummond.  She has a show on the cooking channel and also has a variety of other fun stuff on her website, but I find myself always going back to just her recipe pages.


2)  The Girl Who Ate Everything - At first I thought this blog was named after me.  My friends will understand.  They know that I'm an eating machine.  There's not much more I love in this life than food (my family, of course, and maybe a great pair of shoes... maybe the shoes).  For real, though, this blog rocks and Christy Denney's food pics always make me want to reach through my screen and take a bite.  And her family is gorgeous on top of it all.  See for yourself.

3)  Siriously Delicious - Okay, so this blog is written by Carson's Daly fiancée and mother to his three children, Siri Pinter.  I feel an odd sense of loyalty to anything Carson Daly.  Our first meeting goes back to the days when he was hosting TRL ("Total Request Live," people - remember?) on MTV.  We've had many run-ins since then.  I could tell you stories.  Maybe I will in a post on another day.  (Yes?  No?  Do you care?  If not, I won't waste my time.)  Oh, and for my friends who read this blog, remember this?  "CARSON COOKIES PLEASE LET WE MADE FOR YOU US UP."  (Yes, I know it is out of order.  That's part of the story.)

If there are any food blogs you particularly love, please leave a comment below with the link!

PS and by the way... can we just talk about the newest royal baby for a minute?  AAAAAAHHHHHHH!  I was definitely on royal baby watch.  She is perfect, and William and Kate look so happy. 

Can we also talk about how great Kate looked after giving birth?  There is a picture of me that my husband took right after I had my son, and I seriously look like I've taken every possible drug the hospital had and then had a few shots of vodka.  I mean, I don't think I've EVER - in my ENTIRE LIFE - looked as good as Kate Middleton did after giving birth.  Even on my wedding day.  I need a team of hair and make-up people STAT.

Oh, and I hope they pick a good name... just because.  I am not a fan of the name they chose for their son, and I sort of feel badly that they have a limited list of names to use, but then I remember that they are royals and their lives are pretty okay.  Either way, I still hope they choose something other than Elizabeth or Victoria or Alice or Charlotte. 

Okay - enjoy your Monday as much as you can enjoy a Monday.

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