Wednesday, May 20, 2015

WIWW & "The Bachelorette" Premiere

Well, this is embarrassing.  My outfit choices this week were not exciting in the least, especially because I spent the entire weekend (ok, and this past Monday and Tuesday) in sweats.  I'm starting to realize as well that I have been leaning more towards comfort than fashion lately.  I need to step up my game.  It really is embarrassing.  See for yourself:

Outfit #1:
Black yoga pants and activewear tops from Old Navy with my black Skechers GoWalks
Yes, my hair is a hot mess.  I'm aware.  This is not one of my finest moments.

 Outfit #2:
Jeans, T-shirt, and black University of Maryland zip-up

That's it.  Yup.  Is that pathetic or what?  I know.  I'm not impressed, either.

These pics have made me realize not just what a terrible effort I made this week, but also that I am awful at taking pictures of my own outfits.  And that there's nothing at all exciting about what I wore!  And that I forgot to take more pictures this week.  I'm sorry.  (I give myself a D- for my WIWW work for this week.  I mean, I got a few pictures, so I don't deserve an F, but it doesn't deserve much more.)

I'll try to improve on today's post by moving on to another (hopefully more popular) topic. 

How many of you are watching "The Bachelorette" this season?  Well, if you aren't, you're probably better off because you will have a lot more free time on your hands.  I swear... every season requires more of an effort from viewers.  (I know it's my own fault for watching, but, don't worry, I'll still complain.  Because that's just how I roll.)  ABC just keeps adding more and more each season and it's truly become a hard core commitment.  Thank God for TiVo or there's just no way I could keep up.

(source: ABC)
Here are just a few of my thoughts about the two-night season premiere...

(Don't read ahead if you haven't watched yet!  Spoiler alert!)

1)  When they did the intros to some of the guys, one in particular struck me: Tony... aka "the healer."  He spends a lot of time meditating.  He calls his plants "babies" and kisses them before he leaves.  Weird.  And then he gives the same speech to each woman upon meeting them.  Weird.  And then he got a rose!  Also weird.

2)  But then you have Jared who calls himself "love man."  He is convinced he is the next superhero.  He poses like Superman in his "love shirt."  Even more weird.

3)  And then there's the stripper who ABC first made seem like a fireman.  You know, until he started taking his fireman clothes off and rubbing up against women for dollar bills.  No, thank you.

4)  After the rest of the intros of the guys (shirtless intros, of course, or this wouldn't be "The Bachelorette"), Britt and Kaitlyn come out of their own personal limos (must be nice).  Kaitlyn is full of nerves, and Britt says she's excited and ready.  The juxtaposition between the two women is obvious and uncomfortable.  I love it.  (And I love the word "juxtaposition.")  The men are stuck in a position where they have to decide which woman to approach first.  Some beeline to Kaitlyn while others book it to Britt.  You can just feel the tension between the women.  Even when Chris Harrison was speaking to them, you can tell they don't like each other.  Awwwkkkkk-ward (picture me singing that in an Oprah-esque way).

5)   Um, drunk Ryan.  Enough said.

6)  In case you were wondering, I'm team Kaitlyn... but only by default.  Yes, Kaitlyn can be a bit blunt and rough around the edges sometimes (okay - most of the time), but I don't really care for Britt.  And in the previews of the rest of the season, ABC makes it look like Kaitlyn is, ahem, "with" one of the guys and then turns into a sobbing mess over it.  Good stuff. 

7)  I like that Shawn guy that Kaitlyn gives her first impression rose to - you know, the one that's sort
of Ryan Gosling-ish if Ryan Gosling was a caricature?  He seems the most normal.  For now.

I have to admit - I always go online and search for spoilers.  So I have a slight idea about what may happen this season.  I won't spill what I read for two reasons: 1) you may not want to know anything, and 2) it may not be correct!

That's all I have time for today.  We're headed out to an amusement park, so it's off to finish my coffee, get dressed, and pack up the sunscreen!  See you back here tomorrow (I hope!) for "Thankful Thursday."

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  1. at least you took pics this week!
    I love the Bachlorette but it's such a time sucker!! Thank goodness for PVR! I'm also so guilty of spoiler searching... I always know the ending before it happens lol

    1. Yes - whoever invented DVR/TiVo is a genius. And I can't help myself with the spoilers!! :-)

  2. First -- you look great -- whatever you have on! Second -- OMG -- You watch The Bachlorette!!!!!! I hate The Bachlorette! and almost all reality shows . . . Sorry . . . had to get this off my chest . . . Love you, Aunt Deb

  3. Ha! I love reading your blog so much. It is comic relief for me after stressful days at work. I can hear your voice as I read every word. It was so funny how I heard you saying "Aaaawwwwkkkk-waaarrd" in the Oprah-like voice before I even got to the line where you said "Oprah-like voice"....that's how much I know you. I love that I know you that well and for this long. It makes me smile with just the thought that we've been friends all these years and have shared so many memories ---memories that will remain in the time capsule for awhile longer ;).